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We are one of the participiate of the exhibition. we like see you overthere. Hope To See


MINING TURKEY 2014, 6th International Mining, Mining Machinery, Equipment and Construction Vehicles Fair is regarded as one of the extensive event on Mining, Mining Machinery, Mining equipment and Construction Vehicles areas.

Monday, 20 October 2014 04:40

+MINPLUS Software

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  Managerial and Statistical Software

This software has been designed by GSZ Company’s IT team in order to control and improve plant’s operating and making data collecting and reportage system     according to the QC procedures and ISO standards.

This software is the managerial and statistical software that is designed to simplify statistical and analytical study for mineral processing circuit that can be customized according to the customers need. This software is utilized to be used in storage, economic, QC and production parts of each mineral processing plant.

Comprehensive reporting with special flexibility via dashboard design are this software’s main features. Analytic and statistic reports, use the expanded databases that is customized for each process. This software uses the four main database as below:

1-      Measurements, Indexes and analyses database

2-      Conformity database

 3-      Stoppage Database

 4-       Stocking Data Base.

Minplus software has seven different reports and one documentation part as below:

1-      Strategies report

2-      Conformity report

3-      Production report

4-      Statistical report

5-      Stoppages report

6-      Economic report

7-      Stocking report

8-      Non-conformities documents


Monday, 20 October 2014 03:11

ILZIMCC Inaugurating

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GSZ grinding and Flotation technology

One of the biggest flotation plant in Iran and the Middle East, with GSZ Company’s technology, was inaugurated in Zanjan province by zanjan’s governor for ILZIMCC Company (Iran Lead and Zinc industries and mines cooperative company) at government’s week. Inaugurating of this plant will affect Zanjan’s economy significantly will expand working opportunities for the peoples.